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Hebei general aviation co., LTD. (former shijiazhuang JiHua general aviation co., LTD.), founded in April 1987, by the civil aviation CCAR - 91 and CCAR - 145 rules and operation of the state-owned shipping enterprises. The main operating base located in shijiazhuang city LuanCheng area scale well road 99; The registered capital of 70.7 million yuan. Existing staff of 79 people, among them: the pilot 21 people, engineering guarantee and engineering and technical personnel 38 people. With the airplane 15, including: Y5 / Y5B plane 9, cessna 208 b aircraft 3, hosting 3 meteorological bureau in hebei province aircraft (king 350 hw 2 Y12 aircraft, aircraft 1 frame), is in north China has the most Y5 / Y5B plane general aviation companies.

Existing business license project: a class: aviation prospecting, sightseeing and business flights air, hosting services, general aviation aircraft charter flight, artificial precipitation; B: aerial photography, meteorological observation; Class c: aircraft seeding, fertilization, aerial spraying plant growth regulator, air air weeding, prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests of agroforestry health pests, air forest protection, grassland rodents, prevention and cure, aerial photographs. Flight operation range of agriculture and forestry operation, industry, job sites all over the country.

Company development plan: fully relying on LuanCheng airport, the transportation is convenient, the advantages of various facilities for flight security, focusing on commuter airlines, business aviation, aircraft, managed, etc.

1. 3 years purchasing cessna 208 8, king 350 plane 1 b aircraft. This year the civil aviation CCAR - 135 ministry operating qualifications, give full play to regional advantages, mainly to undertake general aviation spillover demand, Beijing, tianjin opened in hebei province and the surrounding commuter flights between some cities, strive to create safe, convenient, professional and efficient general aviation service brand.

2. Relying on the north China aviation industrial park at the airport and the meteorological bureau in hebei province to build national weather modification research and development base, aircraft hosting service and service for the research and development base, the company Y12 units have conducted hundreds times artificial precipitation operation, to some extent alleviate the drought in hebei area.

Future hebei general aviation co., LTD will continue to promote the development of shipping industry across the land, built in north China for the development of shipping operation industry highlands, build famous general aviation operations and service provider in China. Facing the current good opportunity, hebei catic people a long way to go.


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